Effective itch relief 

The Itch Solution Story 

My name is Cyndi Bohun, I live here in Minnesota.  I work as a nurse anesthetist have 3 children and 2 exceptional grandchildren. In 2011 we took our family vacation in Utah.  I got bit by "no see 'ums" or black flies all along my hairline. They were very itchy.  I went to the pharmacy to find some relief.  I looked at all that was available.  I then went to the pharmacist to ask if they had a combo of antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic-there was no such thing.  I found that hard to believe because it is such a obvious combination for itchy skin.  

When I got home I found a group of three bites on my chest area, they were also intensely itchy.  I tried alot of what was on the market, none worked.  This time I looked on line to find the combo of ingredients I know will work.  Not available anywhere.  

Then my husband was bitten by a bee, this bite was also intensely itchy.  Nothing available worked to relieve the itching.

I decided to find out if I could formulate what I was looking for.  I have worked for over two years to produce just the right combination of known effective topical (skin) lotions, combined with known effective natural plant oils.  I have found a formulation that is effective.  It is made with topical medications with known effectiveness that have been in use for decades.  To me putting them together is a no brainer.  To increase effectiveness even more I have added plant extracts with known therapeutic properties.  I am using aloe, sweet almond oil, arnica, and witch hazel.  The formulation is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaves no residue and has no smell.  The active ingredients combine to relieve inflammation, itching, swelling and have some local anesthetic action.  It is made for relief from bug bites, bee stings and rashes.  I am also pleased to announce that we have a patent pending.

We have a lake house in WI and have given it to a lot of people to try.  We have had much success with it.

Being from Minnesota, this product also seems a logical choice to develop.  Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, everyone owns a cabin and the state bird is affectionately know as the "mosquito".  

I know this product works and nothing else on the market I know of does. Sold in 1 ounce tubes and convenient packets (5).