Effective itch relief

As the developer/owner of Itch Solution I would like to find a way to get FDA approval for the combination found in my highly effective formulation. All components have been proven safe and effective. The world needs this formulation, it works. Would like to partner with any business or person who would have the resources to bring this product to a wider market. Contact me with any valid ideas: Itch Solution, [email protected]

Everyone itches, this formulation works!!

New! I debuted Itch Solution at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. The reception far exceeded my expectations. We had much interest in Itch Solution. Especially gratifying was having person after person try the product on itchiness they were currently experiencing and watching their satisfaction when Itch Solution worked for them! We had dozens of people try Itch Solution for psoriasis and it relieved their itching! Many said they had tried everything including expensive prescription medications for relief. Itch Solution worked like nothing else they had tried. Thank you to all who tried our product samples and to those who bought Itch Solution.

Itch Solution - patent pending

Itch Solution Works for...

  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Psoriasis
  • Any Kind of Rash Safe for...
  • Children
  • Pets

Itch Solution...For people who love the outdoors

Formulated to be used by those with outdoor occupations, involved in outdoor activities, gardeners, anyone enjoying the outdoors. It has also been used by sufferers of itchiness from bed bugs, spider bites, and any itchiness due to insect bites. Itch Solution has been used effectively on skin rashes of any kind, including contact dermatitis.

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